Musical, mystery and others

Musical, mystery and others  – Sue Baxter and Alexander Rain 07775797859 – highly recommended

———————————————————————-   – Tel :- 01460 241 915

Tailor made and off the peg murder mystery evenings which have been a great success when combined with Caire from Old Shires whipping up a wonderful feast in the cool calm and collected way she does when someone is been done away with before her very eyes.


Corporate Entertainment with David Hughes  Tel:- 01568 77012

Have a go and be judged on your sheep dog and duck handling skills.

Very funny and entertaining.


For something a little different Penny Platts will visit Little Gaerfields and give a talk and slide show on the historic places of Herefordshire. You will know what to look for in the old houses, churches and villages etc. Be able to see and understand through Penny so much more of this wonderful county and what it has to offer. The talks are light hearted and fun, a truly entertaining speaker. email :- tel:- 01981 550150

Also on the theme of history, Garway have a popular History group who explore Herefordshire with guided walks, participate in digs and hold meeting at Garway village hall.


Musical  and story telling evenings are also held in Garway Village hall.