www.geocaching.com is brilliant if you need to entertain the children and an incentive to get out in the fresh air away from the cosy wood burner( all the better when you come back). It involves tracking down hidden boxes around the countryside and adding your name to the book inside and perhaps exchanging a small gift. There are a few within 5 miles of our postcode and some you can walk from Little Gaerfields to find.

www.walk4life.info is a way of planning walks or jogging before the holiday. A gentle stroll out of the farmyard and turning first right at every junction will bring you back to Little Gaerfields ( about 1 mile) For a longer walk or jog turn left out of the farmyard and then turn right at every road junction will bring you back home. (6 miles) There are books and maps in Little Gaerfields for you to use or you can check out the walk4life web site and be able to plan walks and mileage before arrival.

Famous walks in Herefordshire are Offa’ Dyke, The Herefordshire Trail, The Wye Valley walk, The Blossom Trail, The Daffiodil walk. www.treasuretrails.co.uk is a web site offering custom made walks with lots of clues and a mystery to solve. www.monmouthwalkersarewelcome.org.uk